GrandNode - open source, cross-platform e-commerce solution

GrandNode is the biggest and the most universal cross-platform, ecommerce software based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 and MongoDB - non-relational database system. Cross-platform ecommerce software means that you are able to run it on any operating system without problems. You can do it on Windows, Linux or MacOS. GrandNode supports also Docker, so you are able to install the application in a seconds with Docker. More information about Docker in GrandNode you can find on our blog here

GrandNode as a perfect choice for developers

GrandNode is the flexible, scalable and open source e-commerce software. It's engine guarantee the highest performance in small, medium and the biggest online stores. So if you are looking for the e-commerce solution, which will be a perfect for any customer - it's a great choice. 

  • Development & Deployment

    The process of GrandNode development is very easy. Each activity is connected with GitHub, so the whole process of the development can be tracked on our GitHub.

  • Open Source

    GrandNode is fully open source. In the free, community version you get necessary plugins to run fully functional online store.

  • Extensions

    GrandNode can be extended by plugins, which can be implemented in your store just with few clicks.

  • Community support

    GrandNode is an open source, ecommerce software. It's hardly connected with GrandNode community. You can get a high quality support on community forum or our GitHub.

  • Multi language

    GrandNode can be used in many languages. Just create a language pack or download it from our marketplace.

  • Scalable

    GrandNode can be successfuly implemented in small stores, big portals and highly advanced B2B systems.

What's under the hood of GrandNode?

Back-end: ASP.NET Core 2.2 - cross-platform framework which is necessary to run GrandNode on each operating system. ASP.NET Core is not continuation of ASP.NET, it's totally new, redesigned, cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework. It's crucial in the GrandNode e-commerce development. It is worth to mention, that not only for us it is a very important change. Many developers have used ASP.NET to create web apps, as we used it to create GrandNode. ASP.NET Core is a redesign of ASP.NET, with architectural, core changes that result in a cleaner, faster and modular framework.

Database: MongoDB - an open source NoSQL database which we are using in our open source, free e-commerce solution GrandNode. MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. The data are stored as JSON-style documents, which enables applications to process more natural,making the integration of data in certain types of applications easier and faster, while maintaining the possibility of creating a hierarchy and indexing.

Front-end: Bootstrap 4.0 - Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

It is developed by a group of people fascinated by ASP.NET and the new technology that significantly affect the development of e-commerce industry. 

Open source projects in GrandNode


- Open source e-commerce software
- Cross-platform e-commerce software
- Modular, flexible, and integrated
- Based on ASP.NET Core 2.2 and MongoDB
- Many extensions
- Safe software
- Community-based and professional support
- Ready-to-go

  • Multi Store, Multi Vendor

    Manage multiple shopping carts with different addresses under one admin panel. Sign contracts with external suppliers and sell their services without having their stock. Each vendor has it own independent account in administration panel.

    • Products per store
    • Payments, shipping methods, tax rules per store
    • Graphical themes per store
    • Content per store
  • Marketing Automation, Real Time Marketing, Big Data

    Send emails which your customers want receive. Show them products which they want view. Help them with the buying process.
    Customer Reminder – You will be able to set many automatic emails which will send to your customers after specified action. For example when customers often leave their shopping carts without purchase, you can make e-mails which will be send to all abandoned cart. (More on our blog)

    Customer Actions – You can choose 5 different customer actions - for example - Add to cart, Add order, Viewed. Your next step is to determine which action conditions must be met to make specified reaction. Type of reactions in this feature:
    Banner – Store automatically view banner which is assigned to a particular action.
    Email – Store automatically send email to customer, who made particular action.
    Assign to customer role – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer role.
    Assign to customer tag – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer tag. (More on our blog)

  • Mobile Commerce

    Nowadays, the use of smartphone is our inherent habit and necessity. Therefore, in the internet business it is essential to meet crucial needs of our customers. The ideal shop is one which can be used regardless of your location. GrandNode is completely accessible for mobile, tablets and all kinds of computers. To store management and using it was easy and convenient as possible.

  • Product Features

    You can add an Infinite number of product attributes, each of them has its own price, stock and SKU. Each client has the opportunity to introduce their own texts or graphics to customizable products, such as mugs and t-shirts. You have the possibility to create comparable products according to their attributes and specifications. Each product is free to run, you can determine the weight, price, condition of storage. In addition, sales of multimedia as e-books, mp3 or audio books has never been so simple. an attractive opportunity is evaluating  individual products and issuing them with reviews by the customers.

    • Return Managment
    • Product Attributes
    • Specification Attributes
    • Import and Export to XML, Excel
    • Bundle Packs
    • Access Control List
  • SEO

    Store optimization for search engines is to maximize its visibility in the search results. Proper optimization ensures a higher place in the search engine and also free traffic. GrandNode supports two versions of the sitemaps, HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. By using friendly URLs the shop is easily searched by browser robots which, combined with customer queries, positively affect search results. In addition GrandNode has integration with Google Analytics.

    • Sitemap
    • Friendly URLs
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Localizable URLs
  • Marketing

    key to the development of an online store are marketing activities. GrandNode allows many opportunities on this field. One of these points are reward points. For each spent dolar/euro you can offer customers reward point. Customer may use it for the shopping in the store. Additional features are discounts and coupons. They can be determined as a percentage, a fixed amount depending on the value of a basket, method of delivery, product or category. In addition, discounts can be dependent on the type of customer. GrandNode also has a partner program. You can reward partners for each customer or shopping order from his request.

    • Reward Points System
    • Gift Cards
    • Discounts 
    • Affiliate program
    • Product ratings
  • Payment Methods

    GrandNode allows you to integrate your shop with more than 50 payment methods and gateways. As you know every country has it own payment preference, so with GrandNode you can limit payment methods per country. Grand Node also allows you to enter refunds and partial refunds.

    • PayU
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Payments
    • Klarna
    • etc
  • Shipping Features

    Deliveries may be charged depending on the weight or value of the order. GrandNode also makes it possible to offer free shipping for a certaing amount of ordered goods.  Administrator can determine the discounts on supplies and also introduce free delivery to a specific group of customers. In order you can enter two different addresses, one for settlement, the second for the delivery, so you can easily send someone a gift. Nothing stands in the way that the customer can calculate the estimated cost of delivery before place an order. With the additional extensions you can offer several different suppliers.

    • Estimate shipping
    • Different addresses 
    • Tracking numbers
  • Tax Features

    Grand Node is flexible when it comes to the issue of taxes. It adapts to the rules prevailing in each country very well.

    • Configure taxes by country, state
    • Allow to specify which prices are entered including or excluding tax
    • Customer can choose tax display type (including or excluding tax)
  • Checkout

    GrandNode allows customer to checkout without creating account in your shop. The customer has the ability to personalize the order with gift wrap or dedication. In GrandNode you have also a feature called as “One page checkout” which significantly reduces the time of ordering.

    • SMS Notification
    • Checkout by guests
    • Multicurrency support