PDF Invoice and packing slip generator

PDF Invoice and packing slip generator

Generate your own template for invoices and packing slips in PDF. You can create your own invoice template in HTML which is published on order details in PDF. Personalize and customize your documents in store. Make your business professional with our PDF plugin.
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Let's look at the most important PDF Invoice and packing slip generator for GrandNode features:

- easy form template
- use tokens and/or resources
- set position (margin top)
- support diacritical marks
- support right-to-left option
- allow to add images of products
- custom date format
- supports multistore 
- Allow to create own code
- set horizontal orientation
- custom date format
- build own PDF packing slip

Build your own pdf by edit sections:
- Header 
- Description
- Product Line
- Footer 
- NEW: static header and footer sections

You can also:
- add own resource string @T(
- set static hader and footer
- run own code
- set one click button to print invoice and packing slip

At Plugins\Misc.PDF folder you may localize text file ScriptPDFPlugin. 
You may create own code which one will be run during creating PDF. 
Inside you will find sample code to test working of it.

Plugin supports GrandNode 4.40