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In the project you can find the EPPlus based on free license, so it's not necessary to purchase the commercial one. We didn't upgrade it.  

27 marca 2020 14:31


We haven't noticed any problems with images paths during the upgrade.

27 marca 2020 08:33

Directly from admin panel you are not able to do cleaning, sorry :)

26 marca 2020 18:16

Hi Alexander,

Can you send us this request to with details about the version of the plugin, version of GrandNode? Thanks!

18 marca 2020 10:23

Yes, it's Xamarin.

17 marca 2020 10:10


First of all, after successfull configuration, you should enable e-commerce settings in Google Analytics settings. As presented on the screenshot below:

By the way, I would recommend to upgrade your store to the newest version of GrandNode. The 4.30 is not supported anymore.

16 marca 2020 06:54

I suppose the GrandNode installation is not complete. It may be caused by many reasons, timeout during installation, lost connection, it shouldn't take much time. Usually, even on the cheapest droplet on DigitalOcean, installation takes ~15-20 seconds. After successfull installation, you should see the message with information that installation is complete and it's required to restart application.

16 marca 2020 06:48


Sure, as it's written on the product page - you will receive source code after purchase.

13 marca 2020 12:40


For now we don't have such plans, so I'm not able to say if we will be able to analyze the whole work. Is it available on GitHub maybe?

12 marca 2020 08:07

You can provide just a company domain, for information purposes.

12 marca 2020 06:45
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