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Hi Patryk,

No that's not available on a public github, to work together I have create a plugin on grandnode with controller to expose some services and in a separate repo I have create this vuejs project, it's just a prototype for now.

I'm based in Paris so we are on same hours, if you have a little time, I can show you how it's work and provide what I have done if you want to play with it?

Don't hesitate, really.

Cédric Radicia

12 marca 2020 08:50

Thank you for your feedback.

I have read this information on the product page, but you have to fill the "domain" field to add it into your cart, that's why I have prefered to ask the question.

11 marca 2020 14:29


I have worked a bit on vuejs/quasar-framework version where I have separated back/front.
There are lot of code to write, especially to expose an API where all is already done (with a server logic) on the Grand.Web project as Cart, WishList, User (Login, Logout...) etc...
I think it will be great to export main "services" exposed in Grand.Web in something like Grand.Web.API to have all tools available to create a separated frontend.

If you want I could show you what I have done to explain that with more details, let me know if you're interested about that.

By the way, thank you again for this amazing project!

Cédric Radicia

11 marca 2020 14:24


If I buy the bundle of premium themes collection, can I use the whole templates include to build my customer's websites or is it limited to one domain?


Cédric Radicia

11 marca 2020 14:09

Thank you for your feedbacks.

What I mean by huge request is more if you know a grandnode project running in production with lot of traffic :)

I ask the question because after several years at HomeAway/Expedia, I have decided to create my own company to build website and I have potentially a futur client with four shops based in France (BioCoop) and I wonder if it's ready to production. before I have work with SimplCommerce and VirtoCommerce with good and bad points but I'm always watching other project...

From my side, in France and on the main part of project I have working on, we have used generally Stripe.

At Homeaway/Expedia we were always split front and back with API <-> SPA, honestly take a look on Quasar ( it's easy, very complete and that's not only an UI framework.

Don't hesitate if you need help on that or if you want to discuss about it, it's will be a pleasure.



8 października 2019 07:15

Hello guys,

I have take a look on GrandNode since the beginning of the week and I have few feedbacks/questions about the project:

- because all the work is already done with api to work, have you planned to create a frontend based on vuejs? Maybe with quasar framework (which is awesome project for frontend)

- why odata instead of graphql or openapi with swagger?

- have you some project url using GrandNode in production with huge request by day and products registered?

- does a stripe payement is plan to be as default plugin for next release?

Thank you for this awesome project and all interesting idea already developed.

7 października 2019 21:27
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