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Thank you for your feedbacks.

What I mean by huge request is more if you know a grandnode project running in production with lot of traffic :)

I ask the question because after several years at HomeAway/Expedia, I have decided to create my own company to build website and I have potentially a futur client with four shops based in France (BioCoop) and I wonder if it's ready to production. before I have work with SimplCommerce and VirtoCommerce with good and bad points but I'm always watching other project...

From my side, in France and on the main part of project I have working on, we have used generally Stripe.

At Homeaway/Expedia we were always split front and back with API <-> SPA, honestly take a look on Quasar ( it's easy, very complete and that's not only an UI framework.

Don't hesitate if you need help on that or if you want to discuss about it, it's will be a pleasure.



Tuesday, October 8, 2019 7:15 AM

Hello guys,

I have take a look on GrandNode since the beginning of the week and I have few feedbacks/questions about the project:

- because all the work is already done with api to work, have you planned to create a frontend based on vuejs? Maybe with quasar framework (which is awesome project for frontend)

- why odata instead of graphql or openapi with swagger?

- have you some project url using GrandNode in production with huge request by day and products registered?

- does a stripe payement is plan to be as default plugin for next release?

Thank you for this awesome project and all interesting idea already developed.

Monday, October 7, 2019 9:27 PM