Amazon MWS Integration

Save your time and integrate your GrandNode store with Amazon Marketplace Web Service. It was never so easy. This integration was made to be compatible with all the categories that exists on Amazon.

- Category mapping
- Uploads product details to Amazon
- Supports Product Variants
- Stocks - auto-update in time intervals
- Settings
     - Default language in Amazon for products
     - Countries (US, CA, DE, UK, FR, ES, IT, IN, JP, CN, MX)
- Import orders from Amazon 

NOTE: SKU and GTIN (EAN13/UPC/ISBN) are required.
Before purchase please check if your account support Amazon MWS integration.

Amazon is a brand of Amazon SARL. The package does not include the source code.

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Supported versions: 4.60 , 4.70 , 4.80 , 4.90
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