ElasticSearch Connector

The fast and scalable search engine has been connected with the fast and most advanced e-commerce platform. Take benefits from GrandNode and ElasticSearch integration. ElasticSearch Connector for GrandNode brings many new features that will reduce the 0 results when users make typos or misspell.

When you decide to choose the ElasticSearch search engine, to empower search results in your store, your customers will get several benefits. First of all, they will receive the best-matched products in a short time with a powerful text search server.
Furthermore, when an intelligent search engine is enabled, your customers will get the best-matched products in the case the originally searched phrase return 0 results, due to any kind of typo or misspell.

  • Search by Product Name
  • Search by Product Short and Full Description
  • Search by Specification Attributes
  • Search by SKU, GTIN, MPN
  • Real-Time Backend Typo Corrections (Searching for aple, still will result in Apple product's in the search results)

Why ElasticSearch and MongoDB?

First of all, it's a good time to jump into our short article about the Full-Text Search feature in GrandNode.

However, MongoDB Full-Text Search feature has a simple limitation, you won't be able to make a partial matching. What will happen if we want to search for Apple and we will enter only "app"? Well, nothing. The problem is that it indexes documents on the word level, so it’s impossible by using a text index to do what it’s professionally called partial matching. This is, matching partial parts of a word. That's why, we've decided to implement the ElasticSearch search engine, to maximize the potential of the online store.

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Supported versions: 1.0
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