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Cross-platform, native mobile app tailored for your e-commerce. The design was written with Xaml code. The main purpose of the application is to save dozens of hours spent on designing and coding the whole app for customers. The entire application was written in Xamarin.Forms, which makes it even easier to create native applications.

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Build intuitive, ease-to-use mobile apps that attract users

GrandNode Mobile app is a customizable public store solution for your e-commerce software. You have a profitable online store and you are wondering how can you gain more? It's simple. Go mobile. As statistics show, users spend twice as much time on mobile than on the web.

Have you ever thought about why it's worth having a mobile app? It's time to break away from the boring online stores with pseudo mobile, responsive pages. In the case of mobile apps and e-commerce solutions, you can definitely rule on us.  

All products, categories, manufacturers, customers are synced with the website data. What does it mean for you? You don’t need a different admin panel, just only one GrandNode installation and that’s all. 

Why developers and agencies love our Xamarin mobile app?

  • Rapid development - gives the possibility to react quickly to markets changes
  • Cost savings - a custom app costs over $ 20,000, we give it 10x cheaper
  • Native UI/UX - app matched to the platform conventions
  • Better testing - automating the testing process thanks to C#
  • API integration - unlimited application development thanks to source code package

What is important? This app works! You can download it from AppStore and Play Store. With this mobile app, you increase the accessibility of your store, remember about that! Below you will find the most crucial features of the GrandNode mobile app.

Advantages of the GrandNode native mobile app:

  • Simple & Minimalistic Design
  • Fast and responsive
  • Easy expansion of functionality
  • Better accessibility
  • Match UI/UX to platform conventions
  • Well tested



Please note that the mobile app comes with the source code, 1-year update, multi-domain license and it's available within 24 hours after purchase.

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Source code  
1-Year update
$2,000.00 $3,500.00
Supported versions: v2-1.0
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