Amazon Payments provides Amazon buyers a secure, trusted, and convenient way to log in and pay for their purchases
on your site. Buyers use Login and Pay with Amazon to share their profile information (name, e-mail address, and
postal code) and access the shipping and payment information stored in their Amazon account to complete their purchase.

More than the checkout button

Amazon Pay brings benefits for both sides of the purchasing process. First of all, it brings new and better experience for your customers. How can we describe it? 

- Fast & Easy Checkout

Qualified purchases protected with Amazon A-to-z Guarantee

- One account for multiple stores


As statistics show 19% of abandoned carts are caused by a lack of trust in credit card processing by e-commerce retailers. 

Finally, it can be also a game-changer for you - store owner of the next of e-commerce unicorn. 

It allows you to:

- Reduce the time spent on purchases

- Extend the functionality of the store

- Improve the user experience

- Increase the trust, by using payments from the well-known brand

How does it work?

Amazon Pay Shopping Cart

Amazon Pay is an effortless payment plugin for almost every type of business. Starting from Small to Medium Businesses, through Enterprises and ending on non-profit organizations. Amazon Pay is very simple and that's the clue! 

1. Complete the purchase in the store

2. You be redirected to Amazon

3. Choose address and method to pay

4. All done

      - Online store located in the USA, UK or Germany (available only in these countries)
      - SSL certificate installed - if you don't have SSL installed - jump to our SSL installation tutorial.
      - Standard one-page checkout

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Supported versions: 1.0
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