The best e-commerce platform for developers

GrandNode is the most advanced and modern e-commerce platform built on the newest version of .NET Core and MongoDB. The highest code quality, combined with the detailed testing approach and with a pinch of a huge number of features is a recipe for success. No more need to create a store with an enormous number of third-party plugins, rely on the widest range of implemented functionalities at the market


Web API for GrandNode gives an access to business data stored in GrandNode database. It is REST API OData 4.0. Web API implementation in GrandNode gives you huge possibility to integrate with almost all available third party tools in the market. No more need to create bridges or additional connectors for your tools. Just code the integration with GrandNode Web API and gain much more from your businesses. For developers is the best and the easiest way to meet customers expectations in the case of business connections.

Simple Templating

Customizing store has never been so easy. With ready to use themes, eCommerce owners are able to brand GrandNode theme easily. Templating gives you freedom and huge customizing possibilities. Without many additional work, you can create a unique user experience for your clients. This, combined with GrandNode features, turn users into customers easily.

Open Source

We make open source and we rely on open source. GrandNode uses only open source technologies and tools. As you can see on the next image, GrandNode trusts the biggest and we take only the best parts of following tools. Everyone knows giants like MongoDBBootstrapAzureAmazon S3 or .NET Core. This tools made from GrandNode much more than just an online store software.

High performance

High performance store was always our craziness. GrandNode achieves the highest ranks in all performance and speed tests available in the internet. High performance results in higher sales in your customers stores, so don’t be neutral and bet on tested solutions.


DotLiquid templating system

DotLiquid allows you to create advanced message templates with if conditions, for loops. Roslyn script implemeneted out of the box gives you possibility to create custom tokens to fulfill all your needs.

Modern Code Base

GrandNode uses the most modern technologies. Roslyn compliator gives you possibility to run C# code directly in the running store without source code modification. The whole application is based on Mediator. Fundamentals built on SOLID principles guarantee the highest quality code. Everything is strongly tested in real time.

Plugins Creation

GrandNode is flexible and extendable solution. Each store functionality can be extended or improved by external plugins. The usage of the plugins gives you possibility to improve store without modifing source code, what is strongly recommended by experienced developers.

CDN Integrations

Images have high impact on the store performance. Use the implemented and configurable Content Delivery Network - Amazon Web Services S3 and Azure CDN to store your pictures. You don't need external plugins anymore. Just configure them in appsettings.json file.

Cheap & Easy Host & Scale

Host your e-commerce store on DigitalOcean cloud. Use our DigitalOcean 1Click app and install GrandNode just with one click. It's easy to configure environment with Load Balancer, MongoDB Atlas replicating and earn benefits from highly scalable and performance hosting. Get more details on GrandNode DigitalOcean profile.

Redis Pub/Sub

Performance is the key, the main features could not be enough for the biggest platforms. Configure Redis Cache which is available out of the box. Combining it with CDN, Load Balancers and MongoDB replication will give you the best performance to handle enourmous number of requests and concurrent users.

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