Create customized and branded online store, add your logo, colors, create custom invoices and packing slips and finally, wrap up the online store with fully functional e-commerce mobile app for GrandNode made for each device (iOS and Android). Customize your online store with personalizable, ready-to-use GrandNode Themes coming from our Premium collection. Each theme is made with Bootstrap 4, so you can build template from pieces, same like puzzles.

Earn on every device

Customizing store has never been so easy. With ready to use themes, eCommerce owners are able to brand GrandNode theme easily. Templating gives you freedom and huge customizing possibilities. Without many additional work, you can create a unique user experience for your clients. This, combined with GrandNode features, turn users into customers easily. With GrandNode API connect your store with cross-platform mobile app. GrandNode offers also possibility to run your own Progressive Web App. 

Integrate with current ecosystem

GrandNode can be integrated without problems with your current ecosystem. Connect it with your ERP system and CRM with our Web API. No more need to change the whole eco system when you've decided to change the e-commerce software. GrandNode is flexible e-commerce system, so it will adapt to your requirements. 

Cheap & Easy to Host and Scale

GrandNode is a modern e-commerce platform. It can be hosted on almost every most popular hosting platform like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean. Deploy it manually or with Docker. Scale your hosting automatically when your traffic increase. The easiest and the cheapest way is to run the 5$ droplet on DigitalOcean, check it here.

Variety of available integrations

eCommerce Features


Based on the best open source tools

We make open source and we rely on open source. GrandNode uses only open source technologies and tools. As you can see on the next image, GrandNode trusts the biggest and we take only the best parts of following tools. Everyone knows giants like MongoDB, Bootstrap, Azure, Amazon S3 or .NET Core. This tools made from GrandNode much more than just an online store software.

Open source

Open source is the future of current businesses. The majority of the biggest companies rely on it, because it gives flexibility and security. As follows, we have published source code on the GitHub. Where you are able to look into and check it, download your copy, improve its functionality, if some features are missing. Code quality is controlled by programmers from various parts of the world, what guarantee the fresh look at the solutions and improvements right after implementation, if necessary. 

The best skeleton for your app

Wide range of features, easy to develop code is a guarantee of success in online store creation. Make breath taking, customized and personalized online stores for your customers easily with clean and optimized default theme of GrandNode. If you don't want to use our ready to use themes, you can put together your own puzzles and create something special and dedicated for you. 

Implemented Web API OData

Web API for GrandNode gives an access to business data stored in GrandNode database. It is REST API OData 4.0. Web API implementation in GrandNode gives you huge possibility to integrate with almost all available third party tools in the market. No more need to create bridges or additional connectors for your tools. Just code the integration with GrandNode Web API and gain much more from your businesses. For developers is the best and the easiest way to meet customers expectations in the case of business connections.

Simple templating

Default theme of GrandNode is based on Bootstrap 4. Implementation of this one of the most popular frameworks gives possibility to create new templates very fast and easily. In GrandNode you can create partial views files and include them to another view. More details about templating which you will love, you can find in our Designer Guides.

Highest performance

High performance store was always our craziness. GrandNode achieves the highest ranks in all performance and speed tests available in the internet. High performance results in higher sales in your customers stores, so don’t be neutral and bet on tested solutions.

Feel comfortable with dev docs

Improve your GrandNode developing skills with detailed developer documentation. It covers the GrandNode architecture, structure. It describes the plugins creation process. You are not familiar with GrandNode? Developer guides give you a way to become a GrandNode master.

Global Contribution

GrandNode contributors come from the whole world. The variety of nationalities guarantees that GrandNode will be customized and personalized for each country. What's important, we're talking about translations, tax rules, rounding rules and many, many more. For sure, you're wondering how are you able to contribute to GrandNode. There are many ways! First of all look at our How to contribute to open source guide. It covers the whole topic!

  • Contribute

    The best way for developers. Just give us a star, fork our repository and start code! Choose issue or feature, fix or create it and send us pull request!

  • Translate

    We are working on GrandNode localization process, if you want, you can help us and translate GrandNode into your native language on Crowdin platform.

  • Donate

    The last way, the easiest one is to donate our work via PayPal. If you don't want to translate or code anything, it's a way for you.