Release notes

  • GrandNode 4.00

    ASP.NET Core 2.0 – GrandNode on Linux, MacBook and Windows

    When Microsoft released ASP.NET Core 2.0 we’ve decided to implement it in our newest version of GrandNode. ASP.NET is an open source framework available on GitHub.

    What’s the main plus? It’s cross platform. You can run GrandNode on Windows, Linux and Mac without problems! We’ve already tested it and it works!

    More information about ASP.NET Core 2.0 are available here:

    Changes in Discount engine

    From GrandNode 4.00 you are able to calculate discounts by specified plugin. What does it mean for you? Each developer can create any kind of discount rule.

    Discounts can be enabled or disabled by marking checkbox.

    We've also decided to change the way of adding coupon codes. Now you are able to create multiple coupon codes in one discount. It's also possible to buy plugin which will automatically generate many coupon codes. 

    Individual prices per customer

    It allows you to assign individual prices to each products per customer. For example we have product XYZ:

    Customer 1 has price 20$
    Customer 2 has price 21$
    Customer 3 has price 40$

    It’s independent setting which can be specified in admin panel – Customer -> Individual prices.

    Vendor system changes

    From this version customers are allowed to write reviews for vendors. You can specify its description, image.

    Amazon S3

    To the GrandNode we've decided to implement Amazon S3 CDN. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It's simple to move large volumes of image data into or out of Amazon S3 with Amazon's cloud data migration options. Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

    Marketing Automation - Customer Tag -> Products

    We've made also some improvements in our Marketing Automation engine. From the newest version you are allowed to add products assigned to specified customer tag. So when your customer will have Customer Tag "Influencer", you can add products which will appear on their home page.

    Rest of changes:

    - Updates of third-party libraries
    - Updates of tests
    - Remove unused files
    - Minor changes in admin panel
    - A lot of optimization and performance upgrades

    Bug fixes:

    - Fixed allowed Qty dropdown in Public Store
    - Specification attributes fixes
    - Fixed „Export orders” feature
    - Fixed problem with Boards
    - Fixed problem with Discount Tab Info
    - Fixed problem with newsletter category marking
    - Deleting topic doesn't delete posts
    - StoreScopeConfiguration is calling wrong route
    - Can't view details of shipment

  • GrandNode 3.90

    New default template fully based on Bootstrap 4

    Theme is using Bootstrap 4 which offers exceptional shopping experience on every device. No more default GrandNode styles, template fully use only Bootstrap 4 what gives you possibility to easily create your own themes without problems and issues with compatibility with GrandNode. Theme creation never was so easy as with Bootstrap 4.0 Theme.

    Accessibility is not the marketing babble. It's technical standard developed with individuals and organizations around the whole world. You may don't know but only in United States 57 millions of people (19%!) have disability issues. This number shows how important is to help them with website exploring. Current standard is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (in shortcut WCAG) 2.0. Examples of Accessibility solutions? Text alternatives for non-text content such as sliders, product images, also consistent navigation. More information about WCAG 2.0 guidelines you can find on official W3 site here:

    Store performance is the most important thing in e-commerce industry. We know it, so our template meets all requirements in accordance with the latest web standards. It has almost 100/100 performance and speed rate on site performance tools and optimizers. It has been successfully validate by W3C, Wave and the most popular web accessibility and performance tools. Future is here.

    Mobile is the future of nowadays e-commerce, so all stores, websites, blogs need to be compatible with smart phones, tablets. Our theme was tested with all the most popular devices and browsers. What gives you guarantee that this theme will be fully compatible with them.

    Categories for newsletters

    You are able to specify newsletter category. When customer will subscribe to the newsletter, he will be able to choose which category interests him, category A, B, C. Then you can export customers interested in specified categories and send them emails.

    Interactive forms

    Totally new feature which gives you possibility to create custom forms which can appear when customer made specified action.

    Extended interface of shipping rate computation method

    This new feature allows you to create new fields in shipping plugins. For example if developer wants to add in Shipping integration add field "Preferred hours of shipment" you can do it with this new feature.

    Watermark support

    From the 3.90 version you are able to add watermark image or text to your pictures in the store. You can specify where watermark should appear, specify its position.

    Improved multi warehouse feature

    In the newest version of GrandNode we've made some improvements. In the last versions when customer make an order GrandNode was calculating stock quantity from all available warehouses. From now you are able to select from which warehouse order should be send, if in used warehouse this product is out of stock, customer won't be able to order it.

    Application forces an update

    From the 3.90 version when you are making an update only one thing which you need to do is open store and if application will check that you have old database - press "Run upgrade". It ease up process of upgrading, so even beginners are able to make this process fast and without any issues.

    Compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 Requirements

    GrandNode Team puts the pressure on customers security. In the admin area appeared new settings.

    • Password lifetime - determine how long the password is active, after which time customer will be forced to change it.
    • Maximum login failures - determine after how many times failed attemps to login customer will be lockout.
    • Lockout time (login failures) - determine how long will customer be lockout.
    • Unduplicated passwords number - password must be unique. you can determine after how many password change you can duplicate it again.

    Rest of changes:

    • Default items in top menu (new settings)
    • Added new plugin Shipping Point
    • Possibility to set order minimum numer
    • Moved „Contact Us” emails to message templates
    • Voting for posts
    • Add pingo.exe to the project
    • New tax setting: „Default tax category for product”
    • Cache static content by default for 24 hours (cacheControlMaxAge)
    • Stock quantity default value set to zero
    • Added a message token for custom customer attributes
    • Allow customer to apply multiple discount coupon codes
    • New library ImageProcessor
    • New type of condition: Unpaid orders in Customer Reminder
    • Changes in Event Publisher
    • Polls: ACL for polls, Limited to stores and languages for polls answers
    • Add new tokens: RecentlyViewedProducts.Products and RecentlyViewedProducts.ProductsWithPictures
    • Start end date to tier prices
    • Blog and news: New way for support multi language
    • Product reviews: Product can be reviewed only by customers who have already ordered it
    • Order: Hide the choice of payment method on checkout if „Use my reward points” is selected and points are enough to pay the order in full
    • Discount by vendor
    • Email sent to vendor should not be in the customer language
    • Improved campaign module: Added new conditions – customer role
    • SEO friendly URLs with Multiple Languages
    • Do not allow to remove required produts from the cart
    • Hide downloadable product tab if customer don’t have any
    • Payment method description
    • Customer reminders levels new option – add minutes
    • URL Referrer for Customer and Order
    • New activity type in Action Log – PublicStore. Viewed Url
    • Admin panel: Changes in the product edit
    • Admin panel: Allow editing of specification attribute on the product page
    • Admin panel: Blog and news list
    • Admin panel: Minor changes in import resources
    • New setting: Limit of featured products
    • New setting: Deactivating gift cards when deleting an order
    • Increase performance: Categories in top menu and category navigation block can use the same model
    • Increase performance: Optimalization for images
    • Increase performance: Save settings in panel administration
    • Increase performance: Orders
    • Increase performance: Changes in MongoDB indexes
    • Increase performance: Recently viewed products moved to database from cache
    • Increase performance: Removed unused controllers
    • Increase performance: The speed of loading agents was increased and memory usage was reduced
    • Enable TLS 1.2 support for entire application

    Bug fixes:

    • Show images on wishlist
    • Counter for digital downloads
    • History of send emails in Mailing Campaigns
    • Vendors should not see product of other vendors in PDF Invoices
    • Action type „Login” shows log Customer: „null” in Action Log
    • Discount validation in order
    • Reminder level view
    • Appearance of levels in Customer Reminders history
    • Clear cache after delete manufacturer
    • Fixed problem with Picture Size (ValidatePicture)
    • Fixed problem with PayPal Direct
    • Fixed problem – GenericAttributes in customer action event
    • Fixed problem with Addres validation
    • Fixed problem with save checkout attributes
    • Fixed problem with Filtering by attributes
    • Fixed problem with deleted discounts
    • Fixed problem with deleted picture on the product
    • Fixed problem with Current Shopping cart after upgrade MongoDB library
    • Fixed Autofac warnings
    • Fixed Birthday Task in Customer Reminder
    • Minor text fixes
  • GrandNode 3.80

    Highlight features and changes

    • New design of admin panel – totally new admin area, responsive, modern and fresh.
    • Customer Reminder – You will be able to set many automatic emails which will send to your customers after specified action. For example when customers often leave their shopping carts without purchase, you can make e-mails which will be send to all abandoned cart. (More on our blog)
    • Customer Actions – You can choose 5 different customer actions - for example - Add to cart, Add order, Viewed. Your next step is to determine which action conditions must be met to make specified reaction. Type of reactions in this feature:
      Banner – Store automatically view banner which is assigned to a particular action.
      Email – Store automatically send email to customer, who made particular action.
      Assign to customer role – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer role.
      Assign to customer tag – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer tag. (More on our blog)

    • Add FluentScheduler to the project – In GrandNode 3.80 you will be able to select time interval when Scheduled Task should run. You can select time interval (Every minutes, Every hours, Every days, Every weeks, Every months)

    • Cumulative discounts – In the process of creating discount you can select which discount should be cumulative and which shouldn’t be.

    • New way to create IDs in store – for the purposes of MongoDB we have to change way of creating IDs of products, customers, orders. Results are better performance and security of GrandNode

    • Google Analytics integration on dashboards – we’ve decided to implement many reports and statistics coming from Google Analytics. We know that it’s very important thing for every store owners. New reports available on dashboard (All traffic, Exit pages, Devices, Localization)
      Now on dashboard you can also select a range of dates from which reports should be generated


    • Improved campaign module
    • Payment method limitation to Shipping Method
    • Shipping Method limitation to Customer Role
    • Payment method limitation to Customer Role
    • Sort product by bestsellers, most viewed products and on sale products
    • Free shipping in next purchase
    • Product reviews per store
    • Conditional checkout attributes
    • Add tags to customers
    • Advance search by vendors
    • Import/Export category and manufacturer from XLS/to XLS
    • “Ask question” on product card
    • ACL for checkout attributes, news
    • Units of products
    • Possibility to choose color of delivery date
    • Stats in product list
    • Improved Activity Log
    • Captcha 2.0
    • Product importing. Store owner can skip some product properties, which are not required
    • New product attributes – image squares
    • Store owner can change logo from admin panel
    • to detect search crawlers.
    • Improved customer profile – backend
    • Allow a store owner to specify whether a product is returnable or not
    • Changed functionality of returns – now customer can make the amount of refunds equal to the amount of the ordered products
    • Changed “in-store pickup” support
    • Allow store owner to set specified send time to campaigns (message templates)
    • Allow customers to edit wishlist items (same as in shopping cart)
    • Message Tokens for social network pages are added
    • Forums became responsive
    • Checkout attribute assigned to customer role with condition
    • Performance. Faster caching
    • Performance. Optimization of product importing process
    • Developers. Updated third ¬party libraries to the latest version.
    • Developers. Web API client support. Special user who handles requests from the Web API plugin
    • Developers. Preparation of testing system
  • GrandNode 3.70
    • Full support for web farms and Windows Azure (multiple instances).
    • Conditional product attributes.
    • ACL (access control list) for topics.
    • Allow users to apply for vendor account in public store.
    • Allow a store owner to add notes to "Vendor" record. For example, this functionality can be used to record vendor payouts so that you always have you bookkeeping organized.
    • Added a setting indicating customers should see "discontinued" message when visiting details pages of unpublished products. For example, "Sorry - this product is no longer available" or "We're sorry but this product has been discontinued."
    • Significant performance and security enhancements.


    • Moneyconverter services discontinued its services. All exchange rates were set to 1 if you have it configured for autoupdate. We replaced it with a new plugin - ECB.
    • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files should be accessible when a store is closed.
    • Redeemed reward points were not restored when the order is canceled or deleted.
    • Facebook authentication plugin. Email wasn't returned when using the latest version of Facebook API.
    • Customers could not change language/currency/tax when navigation was disabled.
    • Fixed an issue with picture duplications when importing products.
    • We used invalid Schema for product aggregate rating hen there were no any ratings.
    • We should update stock levels when editing order details in admin area.
    • Fixed an issue with "File upload" checkout attribute. When the customer uploaded a file then proceeded through checkout (but didn't finish) and went back to the shopping cart, the "uploaded file" was no longer there. The same issue was with editing of existing shopping cart item with "File upload" product attributes.
    • We should sort countries by localized names when they have the same display order.
    • We should sort states by localized names when they have the same display order.
    • Custom address attributes were not (re)filled when form validation gone wrong.
    • "OrderRefunded.CustomerNotification" message template was accidently removed in version 3.60 before release. Fixed.
    • We should delete previously used "Downloads" or "Sample Downloads" when uploading a new ones for a product.
    • Display order of topics was ignored in multi-store environment.
    • Shipments could not be deleted in some cases.
    • Australia Post plugin could not return shipping methods for some countries.
    • We should validate whether a country is published when choosing an existing address during checkout.
    • Pasted discount or gift card codes with surrounding whitespace didn't work.
    • Locale resource typo fixed. The title of the modal window for importing products says "Import from CSV" while in reality it will only accept Excel files.
    • Abbreviation for "Yukon" (Canada) should be "YT".
    • We validated wrong permission when changing password of email accounts.
  • GrandNode 3.60

    Project started with all nopCommerce features but on MongoDB database system.