Release Notes

Here is the full history of GrandNode releases. If you want to learn how GrandNode has changed over the years, look at the timeline below.

GrandNode 2 - 1.0.2

Minor changes:

  • Using "InvariantCulture" when passing floating point values to b-form-rating components
  • GetProductSpecificationHandler - prevent for NullReferenceException
  • Populate a WorkContext in the created scope
  • Change docker-compose - set image name (remove depends)
  • Admin - move action ChangeStore from SettingsController to the HomepageController

Bug fixes:

  • Fix - Menu/Search box categories - cache key without language
  • Fix for apply resize picture with SkiaSharp
  • Fix - pagination on Courses list in Admin panel doesn't work
  • Fix URL - Contact attributes - getfileupload
  • Fix for Picture thumbs can not be deleted from local storage
  • Minor fix for Minimum quantity warning appearance
  • Minor fix for blog post
  • Blog and news - fix problem with images
  • Workaround to fix #114 - conditional attributes on quick view product
  • API - Add missing bracket
  • Typo fix - OData, API - ProductLayout, BrandLayout

GrandNode 2 - 1.0.1

Minor changes:

  • Menu Icons - added support for bootstrap vue icons
  • Bulk Edit Product - possibility to change inventory method

Bug fixes:

  • Allow using recommended products per store
  • Fix for tenants - Could not find a part of the path for images, firebase, files
  • Fix - Category navigation ignores store limitation
  • Fixed problem with "Add new" button on addresses
  • Auction bid date changed to a user-friendly format
  • Fixed problem with checkout pickup problem
  • Alert text on the right side
  • IShippingRateCalculationProvider - fix for configuration URL - should be get from provider (not from plugin)
  • Grand.Web.Admin - Add missing media settings - allow to edit by store owner
  • Grand.Web.Admin - AutoMapperProfile - remove double ignore locales
  • API - Fix for update product (PUT) - add missing mapping configuration
  • Admin panel - fixed admin rtl area
  • Admin panel - fixed rtl calendar display view
  • Admin panel - minor changes with admin sidebar menu appearance
  • Admin panel - allow the store owner to override the logo file

GrandNode 2 - 1.0.0

Start of the new project

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