Accept Bitcoin payments with CoinCorner checkout. Integration between GrandNode and CoinCorner gives you the possibility to accept bitcoin payments in your online store.

Only 1%

CoinCorner checkout allows you to accept Bitcoin Payments without problems. The main benefits coming from CoinCorner Checkout are:

  • Quick and easy setup - with our plugin you are able to set up and run it in minutes!

  • Global reach - Appeal to new customers worldwide

  • Eliminate fraud - No chargebacks with Bitcoin

  • Just 1% fee - Lower than payment processors like PayPal

About CoinCorner

CoinCorner is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Isle of Man. You might think that this is the only exchange from the little Isle of Man, with a population of only 83 737 people (2016).

CoinCorner claims to have a very simple registration process, with no verification process and no requirements to upload documentation.

The exchange has also produced an infographic outlining most of their other advantages, namely that they have live chat support, that you can buy Bitcoin very fast (under 10 minutes), that the company operating the exchange is registered by the IOMFSA (Isle of Man Financial Services Authority) and that it has more than 150,000 users.

CoinCorner checkout is available in the following countries:

- Alderney
- Andorra
- Argentina
- Australia
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- Cayman Islands
- Curacao
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Faroe Islands
- France
- Gibraltar
- Greece
- Greenland
- Guernsey
- Hungary
- Ireland
- Isle of Man
- Italy
- Jersey
- Kenya
- Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Malta
- Mauritius
- Monaco
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Philippines
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- San Marino
- Singapore
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- South Africa
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- United Kingdom

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Supported versions: 1.0
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