Conditions of Bug Bounty Program

As you know we've started the bug bounty program related with the newest beta version release. During beta test phase, you are able to submit issues related with the newest version of GrandNode. How can you do that? It's very simple, just create an issue on GitHub or send it to us via contact form. 


1. Bug bounty program is valid during beta tests from 7th January to 31st January

2. Bugs can be submitted via our GitHub issue tracker or contact form

3. Submitted bugs are analyzed by GrandNode Team and it decides if it's a bug or not.

4. Typos are not counted as a bug, but we will be thankful if you point them.

5. 10$ will be send to you as soon as GrandNode team confirm the issue as valid.

6. The reward is paid as a $10 discount on purchases in the marketplace.

7. Discount is assigned to chosen products.

8. You can get maximum 100$ of discount.

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