A plugin integrating GrandNode with one of the most popular payment methods - DotPay. The extension enables a very simple, intuitive and fast GrandNode connection with a new payment method. Therefore, the solutions offered by DotPay are not only the transfer of funds from the Buyer to the Store, but also making the process as short, easy and safe as possible for both parties. Thanks to DotPay services, the shop can accept payments in an automated manner and monitor transactions. The buyer, through DotPay, will pay in a comfortable manner also from mobile devices and by any method chosen by him. For online stores and services, this means an increase in the number of transactions, and thus turnover and profits.
According to the Gemius report published in 2015, a quick transfer by a payment service like DotPay is selected by as many as 60% of consumers.

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DotPay is:
- the largest number of payment channels on the market,
- handling of installment forms and deferred payments,
- responsive payment gateway and admin panel,
- libraries for mobile applications,
- possibility of accepting payments in various currencies,
- simple or ready integration with multiple platforms,
- a unique demo version for testing on the Polish market,
- individual trade care,
- reports available in many formats,
- security and quality guaranteed by the Status of the National Payment Institution and the PCI DSS Certificate,
- extensive experience and many years of presence on the market.

The integration of your online store with this payment system is extremely easy with us and it means business development for you.


Available payment methods in DotPay:

- Typical online payment methods

It's the simplest and the most common way of making payments in the internet. Payments like mTransfer. 

- Pay-by-link on demand

The PayByLink service relies on the full integration of the payment process with the banking system. When finalizing the purchase, all transfer data are filled in automatically and their editing is blocked. Thanks to this, the buyer does not have to enter data manually, and a mistake is impossible. Payments made via this channel are only a few seconds.

- e-Wallets

Pay with e-wallets like Google Pay, Visa Checkout, Cinkciarz Pay or Masterpass wallet.

- BLIK on demand

A mobile payment system that makes fast payments using a smartphone via a mobile banking application.


This is payment directly on the store's website. The BLIK code is entered after placing the order. It enables full control over the process, ensures shorter transaction time and prevents leaving the website.


The One-click model shortens the purchase path and simplifies the transaction. With subsequent purchases, the user is recognized on the store's website and thus can make payments with one click.


BLIK Recurring Payments is a new type of payment to settle recurring and recurring obligations. It can be used to settle liabilities for a fixed or variable amount. In the case of fixed amounts, an automatic (not requiring confirmation in a banking application) payment is possible.

More information about DotPay payments provider can be found on their official website here: https://www.dotpay.pl/

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Supported versions: 1.0
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