eWAY is a global omnichannel payment provider. The company processes secure credit card payments for merchants. eWay works through eCommerce. The official eWAY integration for GrandNode allows businesses of any size to securely process credit and debit card payments effortless through their online store. With a fast, easy setup and frictionless integration, created by our expert developer team, you will be ready to collect payments in a minutes. 


Benefits of eWay:

- Dedicated support team

eWay support team is ready to help you on 24-hour phone or chat.

- Easy setup 

Simple and basic integration guarantee fast and easy setup and configuration.

- Fast settlement

1 day billing, pay out your funds within one, single business day!

- Advanced security

The authors of eWay gateway made the PCI-DSS card security compliance and built-in fraud prevention tools to protect you and your customers at every stage of purchase.

 - Developer friendly

We've created the simple and basic integration, but it's totally ok for us to take the source code of eWay and code your custom features. Fortunately eWay is made by developers for developers, so you won't have any problems in personalization and customization the payment plugin.


- Flat rate for all credit cards

- Multi currency

- Recurring payments

- Token payments

More details can be found on their official website: https://www.eway.com.au

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Supported versions: 1.0
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