Out of the box, GrandNode enables you to give third-party tools access to your store database. By default, GrandNode gives you the possibility to interact with almost every part of the backend of your store. Starting from Products management, through Customer management, and ending on things related to warehouses or countries.

Extended Web API plugin gives you the possibility to manage three new parts of your store:

Complete Orders' Management:
- Get all orders
- Get order by ID
- Set order as imported
- Set order mark as paid
- Set order mark as authorized
- Possibility to Cancel order
- Possibility to Delete order

Possibility to manage shipments:
- Create shipments
- Get all shipments
- Get shipment by Id
- Set as Shipped
- Set as Delivered
- Set tracking number
- Delete shipment

Possibility to manage return request:
- Get all return requests
- Get return request by id
- Update return request
- Delete return request

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.0 , 2.1
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