G2A PAY is an online payment solution that gives online merchants numerous new opportunities and provides them with simple eCommerce solutions.

Merchants are able to reach international customers and start accepting online transactions faster.

With the payments gateway, the GrandNode online eCommerce businesses can distribute their products and digital content to buyers from more than 170 countries.

One simple integration for global and local payments

If you've already spent some time on business creation, online store creation, for sure choosing the payment provider is one of the less time consuming task. With help comes the G2A Pay integration made by our team. With G2A PAY payment gateway for e business, spend your time where it's really necessary – we've already taken care of payment processing. Just use our all-in-one gateway to enter new markets in an instant, supporting over 200 trusted payment methods in more than 170 countries.

Getting started with G2A PAY gives them access to millions of G2A Wallet users that already shop at featured G2A PAY stores. Moreover, the integration is free and all you need is just one, single contract.

80+ / 170+

Checkout personalization on demand

- Local payment methods

Your customers are more likely to finalize a transaction if they see a payment method they know, trust, and use.

- Brand's logo and color themes

Increase brand awareness and give customers a seamless experience with your logo and colors reflected across the G2A PAY checkout.

- Deep localization

Every element of your G2A PAY checkout is translated on-the-fly into one of 20 different languages.

More details can be found on their website here: https://pay.g2a.com

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Supported versions: 1.0
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