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GrandNode 4.40 Released

Monday, March 11, 2019

We are happy to announce that we've released the newest version of GrandNode. In the newest version our efforts were focused on WebAPI OData implementation and default template redesign.

Below you will find the most important changes in the newest version: 

Implemented Web API OData - RESTful API In this version we've implemented the Web API OData in our store. Web API for GrandNode gives an access to business data stored in GrandNode database. It is REST API OData 4.0. More info about Web API can be found on

Note: User should be familiar with GrandNode database structure. We've already prepared a docs page for Web API, you can check it here: 

Reworked message templates - DotLiquid Implemented We’ve decided to remake message templates system. We implemented DotLiquid library to handle message templates. DotLiquid gives developers/store administrators more freedom in customizing message templates, allowing to write C#-ish code in message template body. Starting from GrandNode 4.40, instead of using ITokenizer for replacing tokens in messages' subject and body, they will be rendered by DotLiquid. 

More details about DotLiquid can be found here:

Redesigned default theme 

Improved web farm support 

The full list of changes can be found on our release notes page. Download the newest version here:

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