Integration with Opineo is an independent platform supporting communication between customers and companies. Their independence guarantees the credibility of opinions which you will find in it. Thanks to reliable opinions, everyone can read the opinions of other buyers about a specific online store, company, or product. People using receive valuable information, supported by the experiences of hundreds of thousands of consumers.

The was created in 2006 as a response to the dynamic development of online shopping, and with it the need to verify the quality of services offered by thousands of Polish e-sellers. is one of the first Polish websites that allow you to make purchasing decisions based on the opinion of the community.

They were the first to create a post-trade consumer survey system, thanks to which you can receive feedback from customers who actually made purchases. After the purchase, the consumer evaluates not only the online store, but also the purchased product and the shipping services. Thanks to this, each store customer receives relevant and reliable information about which store he should choose and what other customers think about a given product that they already own.


  • - It's a free plugin
  • - Increase the trust of the customers
  • - Extend your post-purchase support services

How does it work?

After placing an order in your store, customers will receive a message with an survey to review purchase in your store.

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