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We want to boost up your sales and help you with GrandNode without additional hidden costs. That’s why we have a simple deal for you. If you leave review on following portals about GrandNode, you will get one of our plugins totally for free. You can decide which plugin will mostly suits you, maybe it will be PDF Invoice generator or one of the payment methods. It's totally up to you! Rules of the promo can be found here.

As it's mentioned above, below is the list of portals where we've added GrandNode. Just register on them and review our open source platform:



 As soon as you add it, just order product which you want to get from us and drop us a line at support@grandnode.com. We will make it free, so you will be able to download it. There is also one requirement, that reviews have to be created by real users, not fake accounts created only for this purpose. We will check it carefully. Please note that few plugins are excluded from the promotion:

Premium collections (Plugins, Themes and Custom), iOS/Android Mobile App, Advanced Multi Tenant, Tickets System, eBay and Amazon integrations, USPS Shipping, Shipping plugin for Australia Post, Shipping plugin for Fedex, WorldPay, PayU Romania / Poland, G2A Pay, PayFast, tPay.com, QualPay, Realex, Paya, Themes.

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