MailChimp integration plugin. Create, connect and automate your marketing activities. Synchronize your GrandNode with MailChimp.

Create beautiful, branded emails that make you look like a pro

Engage your audience with email marketing. Whether you’re just starting out or you're already a pro, Mailchimp's easy‑to‑use email builder has the tools you need to grow your business.


GrandNode MailChimp integration is used to synchronize the audience data between your GrandNode newsletter subscribers and audience list in MailChimp.

Furthermore, integration is also used to pass e-commerce data which can be used in mailing campaign creation in MailChimp.

mailchimp config

Account and pricing

It is required to sign up for a free Mailchimp account at to get started. We don't give any account with integration, so please create an account first, before purchase.

mailchimp configuration

More information about the MailChimp can be found on their official website here:

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Supported versions: 4.60 , 4.70 , 4.80 , 4.90 , v2-1.0
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