Nibi Sport is one of our users. They decided to migrate from WooCommerce. What was the main reason of migration? This company had problem with loading time and the structure of the store.

This case study comes from the author of migration, one of the GrandNode users. Below you will find the main goals of the migration, problems which he faced during this process and the solution. You will find also loading time statistics. It impressive, how the ecommerce platform can affect the store work. 

Nibi Sport Homepage


This process cover the whole actions related with store creation. It was crucial to create a new theme, because the older one had many technical issues related with the WooCommerce structure. It was impossible to migrate it to GrandNode. 

WooCommerce store had a very high loading time. Below you will find a loading time of 3 pages - home page, category page and product page. As you can see, the lowest differences were on product page. Home page, which should attract customers had the longest loading time, which was more than 5 seconds. The difference is huge.

Home page loading time graphThe biggest differences were on the homepage.

Category page loading time graph
Product page loading time graph


The result of the work is a completely new, refreshed template of the store fully utilizing the capabilities of the Bootstrap 4.0, color-matched to the company's logo. The use of Bootstrap allowed to reduce the code, which positively affected the speed of the store loading time.

Some elements in the online store are immutable, it was very helpful to use the GrandNode programmers' hint coming from the official blog, we are talking about caching individual elements of the store for a longer time interval. However, the possibilities of ASP.NET Core go further and it is possible to use this method to store more data in a different way than just the time interval.

It's worth to remember that some of the implemented changes apply to any e-commerce tool. If your CSS, JavaScript and HTML files are large, contain a lot of lines and unnecessary spaces, think about minification. This option in GrandNode is possible by enabling the appropriate setting in the admin panel.

The online store has all kinds of photos and graphics, usually large, detailed graphics with large size. In the online store, it is important to have the perfect images to make the product more attractive, but it is worth to keep it size as small as possible. Each 100kb is important and results in a slower loading of the store.

In Nibi.pl, developer also used a recommendation and suggestion system based on customer roles and customer tags. Thanks to this, each visitor can see personalized offer based on his preferences and earlier activities.

Rekomendacje produktów Nibi Sport

Next goals

We received also the next steps that the developer will make in this store. Points are listed below:

- Upgrade to GrandNode 4.20 - It's crucial to adapt the store to the GDPR requirements. After upgrade, the Nibi Sport store will give the customer possibility to export their personal data, that are stored in the store, and also delete them on demand. Additional feature will be possibility to create a marketing consents, which are required by the new law.

- Automation of some processes in the store - The current conact with customer is made by the store owners. However, it requires a lot of time. The next task is to use Customer reminders and Customer actions, available out of the box in GrandNode. With that features processes as abandoned carts, unpaid orders can be handled automatically. 

- Theme update - In the latest version of GrandNode, w can notice a lot of design changes, including the appearance of popups after adding a product to the cart or after clicking the "View" button. These are elements that will definitely improve the conversion in the store. And what's important, this changes won't affect on the store loading time. 


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