Pick up point - Poczta Polska

Quick selection of a pickup point in the checkout process for Poczta Polska. Choose the carriers for which to show the choice of point and within a moment your customer will be able to choose their pickup point in the shipping method step.

Pick up point in checkout

Our integration shows pick up points for Poczta Polska. Available pick up points:

  • Poczta - Post
  • Orlen - Orlen Petrol Stations
  • Automat pocztowy - Postal machine
  • Kioski RUCH
  • Sklepy Żabka - Żabka Stores
  • FreshMarket
  • Biedronka
  • Carrefour
  • Automat w placówce - Machine in the facility

Choosen point

User friendly pick up point search box

Enter the first letters of your location and check the nearest pickup points.

Search box in Poczta Polska Pick up points

Responsive map to show pick up points

With Pick up points for Poczta Polska, we've implemented responsive map to show available pick up points. It's mobile friendly, so you can be sure that customers on each device will have only the best experiences.

Responsive map

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Supported versions: 1.0
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