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Qualityoneautoperformance.com is an online store with car parts. They are proud members of BBB.org and SEMA. They are performance enthusiast and quality parts at a best possible price! The owner is a journeyman experimental automotive mechanic, with years of experience in show car paint! What distinguishes our client? 15 years in the industry. The experience behind this is gold that can not be bought.

E-commerce challenges

This is one of those implementations that we can be particularly proud of, because it finally shows GrandNode's efficiency in critical situations. With previous e-commerce software, it wasn’t possible to handle integration with specified external system.

We are talking about the fact that GrandNode is efficient, that regardless of the number of products, categories, combinations, attributes, it will keep its speed and performance. Usually, if words do not go along with moves, they can be only empty words. However, look at the example below, which is perfect proof of the importance of the e-commerce system in the performance of online store.

Qualityoneautoperformance.com has almost 10,000 of products assigned to almost 1000 categories. Each of product can be assigned to more than one category. Which results in almost half a million combinations. 

The shop owner asked us to integrate his store with the Semadatacoop.org portal. It was our main challenge. His previous store won't able to handle that integration in a cost-effective way. The most problematic part of the integration was to create a widget which will give possibility to search for the specified car parts. 

Number of products ~10,000 | Number of categories ~1000 | Number of combinations ~500,000


Firstly we have created integration with Semadatacoop. Integration import products, categories and manufacturers from an external portal. Technical data of imported parts are entered into the system as a product description, thanks to which each part is described perfectly. Each part is assigned to manufacturer and category.

What's more, the assignment of products must also take place to such items as the year, the make, the model, the car version. And then allow you to search for parts from the combination data. That search engine is served by our widget, which is located on every page of the store.

Searching widget on Qualityoneautoperformance.com

Widget results loading in ms chart

In the qualityoneautoperformance store we used also Full-Text Search feature. What does it mean for the users? Search engine will search for the entered keywords in many parts of product page - in the full description, short description, SKU, MPN, GTIN fields, not only in the product name.

Search engine changes

We are always in favor of maximum customer service requirements through standard functionalities. The trick is to create an efficient solution, not overloaded with dozens of different plugins that only slow down the store. Thanks to out of the box GrandNode features we were able to enable Full-Text Search directly from admin panel, same as JS/CSS minification, which is also crucial in final store loading time. 

Used plugins:

PayPal Express plugin

- UPS Shipping Rates

- Login with Facebook

Market theme

Store loading time

What owner says about new store?

 I really like my new GrandNode website, the performance is fast, the search engine is very thorough.  The GrandNode support staff is second to none. They set up my website, created a NEW product import plugin, modified plugins to suit my needs. I always get a response within one business day, often within minutes. I highly recommend GrandNode to any business who is looking for a top notch website platform and customer support!

Robert Gadany,
Store owner of qualityoneautoperformance.com

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