Our main goal is to provide e-commerce platform for almost each part of e-commerce industry. This goal is not only related with the platform. We have to offer a variety of solutions to meet the local requirements of retailers. This approach forces us to create local payment methods, local shipping providers. 

That's how we created Redsys integration. We trusted in Redsys because they proofed many times their value when they created a variety of standards and technological-operational solutions for financial institutions and other major industry players, both in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Redsys solution, marketed through the financial entities to which Redsys provides a service, is the leader with the highest number of installations on on-line stores in the domestic market and millions of operations performed daily.

Whether for large corporations or a small retailer, Redsys offers multiple features, operations and integration options that adapt to the needs of each business and that are always evolving.

The simple process of integration is practically standard nowadays, and is quick and effective for trade. If the standard simple integration is not enough, you can get the source code of Redsys integration and create even the most advanced integrations with Virtual POS and each major Redsys solutions.


More details you can find on their official website here: http://www.redsys.es/

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Supported versions: 1.0
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