Advanced Multi Store

Advanced Multi Store is a special plugin, which extends the "Staff" feature of GrandNode. Plugin allows you to create more automated and fully functional multi store. The only one thing is to manually create a store in admin panel. 

The most important changes that Advanced Multi Store brings to GrandNode:

- Submittion form - Each user is able to apply for a tenant. Just fill the specified form and send it to store owner. Store owners will be able to manage requests, approve them or not and create stores for particular users.

- CMS Features:

    - blog,
    - news,
    - topics,
    - knowledge base

- Settings,

- Shipping methods,

- Payment methods,

- Attributes:

    - checkout attributes,
    - contact attributes.

Source code and update option included.

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 1.1
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