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          A GrandNode plugin to filter the products dynamically with desired criteria and without the whole page reloading. GrandNode Ajax Filters also enables to filter with OR and AND conditions. Our ajax filters module will improve the store frontend with new great features. Impress your visitors and increase your site usability!
          Improved One Page Checkout for GrandNode. This plugin allows you to simplify checkout process in your store. With the Extended One Page Checkout plugin, you are able to combine all steps from checkout into one, simple step. It's crucial to shorten the way of order creation in your store.
          Using GrandNode default template may be efficient, but for a longer time it can be boring. How can we stand out of the competition? Basically, create your own, personalized theme. Daily fixes and modifications will be easier than ever. Check out this huge time saver.
          Plugin which allows to choose independent shipping method for each product coming from different vendor.
          A GrandNode plugin to import product attributes, attributes combinations, specification attributes. It's a great extension to improve the "Import Products" functionality. It's also the must-have plugin in the store migration. If you ever wanted to migrate your current e-commerce to GrandNode, with this plugin it will be much easier!
          Advanced Multi Store is a special plugin, which extends the "Staff" feature of GrandNode. Plugin allows you to create more automated and fully functional multi store. The only one thing is to manually create a store in admin panel.
          The most awaited plugin is here now! The vendor Reports plugin is ready to empower your store. Analyze key performance indicators of your multi-vendor store and make data-driven strategic decisions using our new Vendor Reports plugin.
          Newsletter widget displays pop up box with customizable content. The Widget is designed to get the attention of the visitors and to build a newsletter database (for marketing campaigns).
          GrandNode provides you with a few reports that can be helpful in store management. However, our plugin - MongoDB Reports is a game-changer for every store manager or administrator. If you create custom queries for store owners, the MongoDB report will save your time, create it once, and then run directly from the admin panel. You can create your own reports! Specify which fields should be analyzed, what kind of data you want to analyze, add your own MongoDB Query code and generate a report or schedule it to send it automatically later to your employee emails. 
          Advanced Multi-Tenant is a special plugin that will give you the possibility to create the independent stores (tenants) directly from the admin panel of the store. Instead of architectural changes, the plugin brings a simple form to the admin panel, that can be used for tenant creation directly from your store. It doesn't require store restart, it creates a new database and preinstalls stores in it. 
          A GrandNode plugin to import customers and their addresses easily just with one click from an Excel file. The plugin provides a sample file with a list of customers and sample file with a list of addresses. The migration process to GrandNode has never been easier than now.
          Improve your customer service with must have Tickets System plugin. Customer service is the most important part of each online store. You have to receive message from customers, answer them and solve their problem. It can be confusing and chaotic. As a solution coming our Ticket Systems with Contact Form plugin. Perfect customer support / ticket system. Efficient tracking. Multiple Departments.
          Increase your brand trust. Integrate your store with Google Customer Reviews and attract customers to buy products in your store. Safety and trust is the most important thing in the online stores, remember!
          Offer coupon codes to your customers after subscribing to your newsletter. Plugin displays popup with email box where customer is able to sign to newsletter. Discount Newsletter gives you possibility to turn the visitors into subscribers and customers after offering discount coupon code. Customer after subscribing to newsletter get email with automatically generated coupon code.
          Swiper, as authors say is the most modern mobile touch slider, what makes it the best available slider for modern online stores. As statistics show it's used by almost 20,000 of users! It's lightweight slider, because it doesn't use any JavaScript libraries like jQuery. Swiper slider widget for GrandNode is the best possibility to increase the functionality of your store.
          Tracking code manager for Google Tag Manager scripts. Install this simple widget and implement Google Tag Manager tracking scripts without coding knowledge. It's a must have
          Use Store Locator for GrandNode to show your stores on a map. Give customers possibility to find your store without searching it.
          Improve your promotion system with this discount type for GrandNode. This plugin will allow you to implement new types of discounts in your store - Buy 2 items, and get 1 for free.
          Use the Google Rich Cards plugin to add JSON-LD structured data snippet on your store. With the Google Rich Cards plugin you have a new opportunity to attract new customers. Rich cards use schema.org structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format.
          The Google Shopping Feed module will allow you to send the list of products of your shop to Google Merchant Center and publish your products on Google Shopping page results, which can increase your sales visible in just a few days.
          Pinterest is a great booming social network that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web, people use pins, boards to plan their events like weddings, decorate their homes, organize their favorite recipes, etc.
          Setting up Hotjar with GrandNode is easy with this free GrandNode module. Simply copy and paste your tracking code into the configuration settings of the Hotjar plugin and the plugin will automatically insert the tracking code to the correct place.
          Setting up Yandex.Metrica with GrandNode is easy with this free GrandNode module. Simply copy and paste your tracking code into the configuration settings of the Yandex.Metrica plugin and the plugin will automatically insert the tracking code to the correct place.
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