Swiper, as authors say is the most modern mobile touch slider, which makes it the best available slider for modern online stores. As statistics show it's used by almost 20,000 of users! It's a lightweight slider because it doesn't use any JavaScript libraries like jQuery. The Swiper slider widget for GrandNode is the best possibility to increase the functionality of your store.

Below you can find few of the Swiper Slider features, but it's only a tip of the iceberg, this widget is much more configurable!

Global settings:
showNavigation - decide if you want to show navigation arrows
showPagination - decide if you want to show pagination dots
paginationType - change the type of pagintation - "bullets", "fraction", "progressbar" or "custom"
- preLoadImages - When enabled Swiper will force to load all images

Slide configuration:

Each slide is divided into three parts - HeaderBodyFooter. You can add different text or buttons to 

Caption - Specify the position of sliders text. 
Header, Body, Footer - Enter the header text
HeaderAnimation, BodyAnimation, FooterAnimation - choose the type of animation
HeaderAnimationDelay, BodyAnimationDelay, FooterAnimationDelay - specify the delay in animation
Breakpoints - Create responsive sliders

The plugin supports multi-store and multi-language configuration, so it's perfect for each kind of online store also in multi-tenant GrandNode stores. Do you want to see a demo of Swiper Slider? Check our themes! We use it in all of our themes, for example:

- Furniture Theme - http://furniture.themes.grandnode.com/

- Divide Theme - http://divide.themes.grandnode.com/

- Medical Theme - http://medical.themes.grandnode.com

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.0
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