As developer, you probably had contact with Wordpress before. It has a simple file editor out of the box. But it was too simple. Just stadnard text editor with code inside it. What can we offer? 

Fully configurable code editor. You can customize the window of editor to your needs. You can change background of the window, we prefer dark one, but if you want to have a light, white background, go on. Just change the specified setting. You can also change the color of highlighted code. You can use it with gutter or disable it. If you want, there are not obstacles to highlight active line. If the standard font size is to small for you, nothing hard, just change its size. 

In the plugin you will have list of all available themes in your store. Each of them is editable by pressing "Edit" button. If you want to add new theme to your GrandNode, just press "Add new" button in the top of the screen. You need to specify:

- Theme Title

- Theme Name

- Theme Description

- Theme Image

After that plugin will automatically create directory with new theme and you will be able to create fully personalized GrandNode template. From now, you can add desirable views, css and scripts files. What is crucial? You don't have to open your FTP Client, connect to your server and modify files.

All of it, you are doing from admin panel!

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.0 , 2.1
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