One of the most important plugins in GrandNode. Tickets system is the best way to improve your customer service. It's one of the most crucial area in the online store. If you provide only e-mail address for your customers, it may be a long way for them to send you e-mail with questions. It will be worse, if you get hundreds of messages, without Tickets System, you won't be able to manage them efficient.

You can divide this plugin into two parts. First is the Tickets System, below you will find the core features of this plugin. The second part is Contact form, which is also important part of this plugin. 

Tickets System core features:
      - Multiple departments - Tickets can be assigned to different departments like Sales, Support
      - As Administrator you can assign Staff to tickets
      - As Staff you can set priority of ticket (Low / Normal / High)
      - You can manage notes easily with or without displaying them to Customers
      - Multistore support
      - Multilanguage support

With Tickets System plugin your customers have possibility to post tickets in few places, like:
      - Contact Form
      - My Account - new option Ticket List/Add Ticket
      - Order details page
      - Product pages

As Administrator, you have full rights to manage tickets in GrandNode admin panel. Core features for Administrator of Tickets System:
      - Change the tickets priorities
      - Assign tickets to departments
      - Assign your Staff to specified tickets
      - Manage tickets with its status (available: Open/Processing/Close)
      - Of course, the most important feature, list the tickets and reply for them easily

If your customer send you a ticket, it will get e-mail with confirmation. Customer can be noticed about all changes related with ticket. If you change department, assign new staff, change the status, customer will get another one e-mail with details of change. It's crucial to keep your customer informed.

In placed ticket, customer can add additional comments and notes without creating new ticket. After your answer, customer will be able to reply you directly in your ticket.

The last one part of the plugin is Contact form. This plugin allows you to create own, customized contact form. Out of the box, you will have only "Contact us" form. Tickets System plugin allows you to create multiple forms, nested in specified widget zones. 

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.0
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