Discount newsletter

Offer coupon codes to your customers after subscribing to your newsletter. Plugin displays popup with email box where customer is able to sign to newsletter. Discount Newsletter gives you possibility to turn the visitors into subscribers and customers after offering discount coupon code. Customer after subscribing to newsletter get email with automatically generated coupon code.

Encourage to newsletter subscription

Create attractive popups, provide a value which customers will receive after subscription to newsletter and wait for incoming emails. Well designed popups your customers with beautiful design and encourage them to leave an email in your store. 

Discount newsletter example popup

Generate discounts automatically

During the discount newsletter pop up creation, provide details like pop up content, title and specify rules of discount creation and generate coupon codes for your customers automatically after signing up. It gives you to create a individual coupon codes which can be used once. It will reduce possibility of coupon code sharing.

Responsive pop ups

Pop up which appears after sign up are optimized and will work with the majority of popular devices, so you can be sure that your customers will have only the best experiences in your store. And it doesn't matter what device they will use. It will work perfectly on iPads, iPhones, PCs and even huge monitors. 

Customizable email templates

In Discount Newsletter GrandNode plugin you are able to fully customize the used email templates. To perform that just go to Message templates section and look for newly created Discount newsletter message template. Please remember about DotLiqiud! It gives you more flexibility during the email creation.

Trigger pop up based on time spent on page

The Discount Newsletter plugin allows you to set a delay when pop up should appear, so you will be sure that emails come from interested and engaged users. To be honest, you will agree with me, no one wants to interact with jumpers that only jumps only from one page to another.

Plugins features:

      - If coupon code must be generated or the same all the time
      - How many days coupon code will be valid
      - How many characters coupon code will have
      - Which one discount will be use as base to newsletter discount
      - Add your own welcome message, message below submit button and thank you message.
      - Customize email templates.
      - Show popup immediately.
      - Option to set cookies name.
      - Set a timer delay and trigger popup based on time on page.

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Supported versions: 1.0
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