Advanced Multi-Tenant is a special plugin that will give you the possibility to create the independent stores (tenants) directly from the admin panel of the store. Instead of architectural changes, the plugin brings a simple form to the admin panel, that can be used for tenant creation directly from your store. It doesn't require store restart, it creates a new database and preinstalls stores in it. 

  • Lower costs of scale: With multi-tenancy, scaling has far fewer infrastructure implications than with a single-tenancy-hosted solution. Everything is maintained under a single, main website, so you don't have to scale every tenant independently. 
  • Lower costs of infrastructure: SaaS allows companies of all sizes to share infrastructure and data center operational costs. You don't need to add additional hardware or something, everything works like a charm 
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates: Customers don’t need to pay costly maintenance fees to keep their software up to date. Vendors roll out new features and updates. These are often included with a SaaS subscription.
  • Independent Configuration: Every tenant is able to configure its own store independently, you don't have to maintain it. 

The most important changes that the Advanced Multi-Tenant plugin brings to GrandNode:

- Creation form - The administrator of the main store is able to create tenants directly from the admin panel and dedicated form. for a tenant. Just fill the specified form and send it to the store owner. Store owners will be able to manage requests, approve them or not and create stores for particular users.

- Overwrite the default behavior of GrandNode's multi-tenancy - Instead of running multiple services, you are able to run as many stores as you want on an independent database and on a single service.  

By default, the tenant has some limitations, which can be easily modified and customized with source code:

- Scheduled Tasks
- Plugins management
- System information
- Customer Reminders
- Auction system
- External Authorization is not supported
- Push notifications are not supported
- Tenants don't have the possibility to upload their own pictures via elFinder. 

Important information: tenants have only one scheduled task supported at the moment, it's the "Send emails" task and it's configurable directly from the main store. If you want to use other tasks, your developer has to develop them. Every tenant has access to the maintenance tools like clearing requests, logs. 

Source code and update option included. If you want to use a Multi-tenant plugin to create a SaaS business, please note that we do not allow to purchase and use of any of our extensions, themes in the multi-tenant application (SaaS model). This Multi-Tenant plugin is the only exception to that rule. 

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Supported versions: 1.1
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