HotJar Tracking Code

Hotjar is an all-in-one analytics tool that allows you to create heatmaps from recorded user interactions. It allows you to create conversion funnels, feedback forms, and many different kinds of polls/surveys. The insights you will get from this tool are invaluable, you will learn where your trouble spots are and thus know where to make changes to your site to improve sales. Recorded heatmaps allow you to better understand the behavior of your customers. If you see that customers are fleeing from sites that should bring you the most sales, check if your customers are trying to use it as well as you. Perhaps something that is intuitive and obvious for you, is not for your customers?

Setting up Hotjar with GrandNode is easy with this free GrandNode module. Simply copy and paste your tracking code into the configuration settings of the Hotjar plugin and the plugin will automatically insert the tracking code to the correct place.

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