GrandNode provides you with a few reports that can be helpful in store management. However, our plugin - MongoDB Reports is a game-changer for every store manager or administrator. If you create custom queries for store owners, the MongoDB report will save your time, create it once, and then run directly from the admin panel. You can create your own reports! Specify which fields should be analyzed, what kind of data you want to analyze, add your own MongoDB Query code and generate a report or schedule it to send it automatically later to your employee emails. 


Powerful and profitable e-commerce should base on the reports. Especially in the digital world, you are not able to stop a customer and ask him for feedback or to count each visitor. You have to trust the machine and just pick up the data from the system. But what if your system doesn't provide this data? It's very simple. Create reports, each system collects this data but does not show it. We have to take it out from the database and you are able to take them with our newest plugin - GrandNode MongoDB Reports. If you are an administrator or store manager, take the plugin and jump into the MongoDB Queries and create as many reports as you want. You can always hire our developers and ask us for premium support, we will create as many reports as you wish!

Features of the plugin:
  1. Create custom reports with MongoDB queries.
  2. Administrator is able to schedule reports at a specified time (i.e Monthly every first Monday of the month).
  3. Limit access to reports with Permission rules.
  4. Export created reports to XLS - Excel files.
  5. Send generated reports via email.
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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.1
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