Extended Products Import

A GrandNode plugin to import product attributes, attributes combinations, specification attributes. It's a great extension to improve the "Import Products" functionality. It's also the must-have plugin in the store migration. If you ever wanted to migrate your current e-commerce to GrandNode, with this plugin it will be much easier!

Have you ever wondered how to migrate your current store to GrandNode? You've made the decision, but you were curious about how to migrate your current database of products? It was possible to import products, but your variants, specifications will be missing or you will have to add them manually. Our Extended Products Import plugin is a solution to your doubts! Export your products, product attributes, specification attributes and finally variants from the current e-commerce platform and prepare an excel stylesheet with the correct structure. Then just install the plugin, upload files, and press the import button. It's simple as it looks.

That's all!

  • Possibility to import product attributes to your store
  • Possibility to import specification attributes to your store
  • Possibility to import attributes combinations (variants)
  • Import possible via Excel (XLS file)

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Supported versions: 1.0 , 2.0
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