Multi Vendor Shipping

Plugin which allows to choose independent shipping method for each product coming from different vendor. Multi Vendor Shipping is a perfect extensions for each multi vendor marketplace, no more problems with different shipping rates and methods. Just install the plugin in the store and everything else depends on your sellers.


Configuration is very simple. Each vendor gets a new menu item related with shipping methods. If he navigates to it, he will see the grid with shipping methods and rates. Each vendor is able to provide own rates and own methods. Provide the shipping method name and rate and save changes. You should see something similar to:

What your customers will see? Simple table with independent boxes, each view is customizable, so you can make from grid somekind of list or anything you want. Default appearance looks like this:

Of course every shipping method selected during the checkout will be set independently for each vendor. Each vendor will see only their own records. As follows:

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Supported versions: 1.0
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