One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout

Improved One Page Checkout for GrandNode. This plugin allows you to simplify checkout process in your store. With the Extended One Page Checkout plugin, you are able to combine all steps from checkout into one, simple step. It's crucial to shorten the way of order creation in your store.
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It's another one, great plugin for GrandNode. Customers don't have time for creating orders, they want to have everything in one place.

Many steps on different pages can be confusing. The checkout process should be as simple as possible, complicated steps are look suspicious. 

It's simple thing, which can increase the conversion of your store. 

You can ask, why it's better than standard one page checkout? Basically. In the out of the box checkout, you will have one page, divided into dropdown tabs. In the plugin, you have every, required field on the screen.

Below you will find the list of the all features of One Page Checkout:

- Fully responsive checkout
- Compatible with reward points
- Compatible with our payments integrations

Plugin supports GrandNode 4.40