MultiTenant in V2 Question

22 czerwca 2021 00:42:54
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Good day dears,

please I need your help.

I ran the project and installed a master node with "x" database.
then I edited the application arguments for Grand.Web to be (--Directory "Tenant1" ) then I ran the project again to install the new tenant (tenant1) with "y" Database.
Ok what to do next ?
every time I want to run the master node or a child tenant I have to edit the Application Arguments ?
In other words, how can I move between Tenants ?
again I published locally on my IIS.
then I browsed the site which get me to the Master node then how can I enter the Tenant1 through the published version ?

Thank you.
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You have an instance of the website running per tenant. See GrandNode v2 is "multitenant" but only in that you can share the application files.
  • Wysłany: 17 czerwca 2021 10:16
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Thank you Rabi,

I saw your post before I asked, but I didn't get it, if I have 3 tenants which means I have 3 running instances, how can I open admin dashboard for tenant2 ?
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