Anyone success with AWS S3?

Sunday, February 5, 2023 9:18:45 PM
  • Posted: Friday, November 25, 2022 12:53 PM
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Hope someone will have answer to this and not get ignored as all other posts!!!
I tried to config AWS S3 but not seems to work when I upload an image its not sent to S3!
How this suppose to work? Should we upload images manually to S3 !!? or..?
I did not see any guide about S3 config for GrandNode.

I created S3 bucket and user and works fine with AWS CLI.. I added the info in appsettings
    "AmazonAwsAccessKeyId": "AKIAXSCF..................",
    "AmazonAwsSecretAccessKey": "YhAGGKH..................",
    "AmazonBucketName": "bname",
    "AmazonRegion": "eu-central-1",
    "AmazonDistributionDomainName": "" //Domain name for cloudfront distribution

And the setting for Picture storage is File system.

Not sure what is the issue here. I did not get any error or anything and when I upload image its not send to S3!

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