Integration with SAP Business One


Integration with SAP Business One covers a few of the most important areas of the store.

Key features of our SAP Business One Integration:

- Registered GrandNode customer is automatically added to SAP B1 Business Partners
- When a new Item Master is added in SAP B1 it is also added in GrandNode
- GrandNode order is migrated to SAP B1 as a Sales Order document.
- When SAP B1 sales workflow proceeds, based on migrated Sales Order (eg. posting Delivery or A/R Invoice) it is reflected in GrandNode with order status change.
- Item Master Data are synchronized, suggested direction SAP B1 > GrandNode (when SAP B1 item is updated then product in GrandNode is also updated)
- Stock quantities from SAP BO are updated in GrandNode (it must be customized which quantity, warehouse, and so on)
- Pricelists – SAP B1 item price when is updated i is also updated in GrandNode automatically (it must be customized which items prices or pricelist are a source for GrandNode pricing)

Service manages all transactions (in SAP via DI API – build-in SAP Business One API, and GrandNode via our built-in Web API feature).

Integration is not ready yet. But our developers are ready to develop it for you. Drop us a line and we will talk about the scope of the integration.

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