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GrandNode 4.20 Beta Released

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

We are happy to announce that we've released a beta version of GrandNode 4.20. Push notifications, Knowledge base, new theme and many, many more. You are able to download the beta version from our GitHub here:

Added knowledge base

In the newest version admin user will be able to create a knowledge base. It's independent page with a hierarchy of categories and assigned to them articles. You are able to limit categories and articles to ACL and store. It can be a great feature used to create FAQ section.

Added push notifications

Implemented as a standard feature push notifications based on Firebase, GrandNode Web Push notifications are clickable, little pop-ups which appear in the right-bottom corner of the screen. Push notifications appear to each person who accept receiving them, even if they are not visiting your store. You can create a personalized notification with image, link and custom text.

EU GDPR Compliance

In GrandNode 4.20, you will be able to meet all GDPR requirements without third part plugins. Below you will find the list of implemented tools, which will help you achieve its requriements:

  • Possibility to export customer data
  • Possibility to delete customer data
  • Possibility to create a few consents (based on Newsletter categories)
  • Export to xls / Newsletter subscribe - history of change

Refreshing the default theme

This point contain updating Bootstrap to the newest version. We've decided also to change some colors, made some changes in the template view.

Default theme of GrandNode gets almost 100% in the performance tests made by several analytic tools.

And many, many more... All this features are available in GrandNode 4.20 Beta and will be available in the stable 4.20 version.

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