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Patryk wrote:

Just change the following setting: Pictures are stored into... in Media settings - /Admin/Setting/Media

Thanks a lot Patryk

please are that will make all saved binary images in database to be created as file system automatically or i must do some thing to get all saved images -
i mean if i set setting to file system now each new images will be file system and that OK - what about old saved images as binary about (1000 images) ??!!
25 marca 2020 09:05

please i try to save donwload file to use it in mail template - but i get error

so please what is problem and how can i resolve it ?

4 lutego 2020 10:55


please we have set grand to save images on database - and that make page load speed low some times - so are there is any way to get all images from picture collection in an folder to  let us dot't lose any images we have about 1000 images in database ?

15 stycznia 2020 10:09

but the same issue ?

and all files and images are in plugins folder in the publish ?

Note: every thing works fine on local - problem on server only (Nginx digital ocean and i check that read write access to plugins folder)

14 stycznia 2020 22:59

Tomasz wrote:

Start with store settings like URL/Host. Is it properly configured?

i have check it every thing are normal
14 stycznia 2020 22:47

please i can't see all plugin images in admin or front after i publish to host  and images are found on plugins folder ?!
so what could be the problem ?

12 stycznia 2020 09:55

Patryk wrote:

It looks like you have older version of GrandNode. This bug was fixed in GrandNode 4.20.

Thanks a lot for your concern

i have version 4.30 , please if you code help with part of c# code i must edit - because i can't update project final version ?

note: this is video from last version and its do the same as version i have - i think it must be an settings for that in admin but i don't know

i hope to find solution

12 stycznia 2020 09:16

Patryk wrote:


Just change SeNames in the SEO tab on each item edition screen. I.e Admin panel -> Catalog -> Products -> Edit particular product -> SEO tab -> Tab with languages. Delete existing SeNames and set single SeName in the Standard tab. Then if you switch language, you will have always SeName taken from Standard tab.

Thanks a lot Patryk

i try to do as you told me but each time i click save i found that seo is added automatically again  to any other language like "English - Arabic" - so how can i make it works ?

so any other thing i must do in c# code ? or admin settings to avoid that ?
10 stycznia 2020 23:42

Note: finally i did it :)

after some search i found that just add sound to c# code in file "PushNotificationsService.cs" and it works :)

            var data = new
                registration_ids = ids,
                notification = new
                    body = text,
                    title = title,
                    icon = pictureUrl,
                    click_action = clickUrl,
                    sound: "default" // Enable Sound

Thanks a lot
10 stycznia 2020 23:38

Thanks it works now

10 stycznia 2020 23:33
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