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10 ideas for maling campaign in GrandNode

Created on:  19.08.2016

1. Abandoned carts

It's the most popular way to implement mailing campaigns to your store. In each store it's the most common activity. When someone add to cart product, then leave it in the shopping cart without placing an order, system automatically sends him message, which will try to persuade him to complete order.

2. Welcome message

Upon successful registration, just you send a welcome email to your new customers. You can describe your best-selling products or send some of the most useful and helpful posts from the blog, to improve awareness of your customers.

3. Share your experience!

A few days after the purchase by the customer, speak to him with the question about his satisfaction? Or are you able to help with something? In this message, you can also encourage your customer to write a few sentences in product reviews, which only cofirms the quality of your products and services.

4. Special offer for the most loyal customers

From time to time send to your best customers special offer with time limited discounts, coupon codes or whatever you want. They will feel appreciate and there is a chance that they will return to you. 

5. New products

Inform your customers about incoming new products in your store. In GrandNode you can customize that messages. With that your customer will receive information about only that products which interests him.

6. Birthday message

In online store you have informations about your customers date of birth. Use it! You can set automatical campaign. When each customer will have birthday, GrandNode will send him earlier prepared mail with wishes, discounts or something like that. 

7. Message to the inactive customers

You should write to inactive customers. Maybe it's time to send them special offer? Small gift? Remember to take advantage from activization dead souls in your store. Each of them can be your income!

8. Last chance message

Use feature assigne to customers role or tags, then send personalized offers with products, which will be suited perfectly to your customers needs. 

9. Informations about order

Order process is one of the most important things in online store. You have to inform your customers what you did with their package. You can also send hints, tutorials, how to about your products, services. 

10. Community reviews

Community is the power. You can send emails to your customers with information how other people use your products. You can also send reviews from your community to customers. It will increase trust and it will be only advantage. Customers will see that someone else also bought this product and is happy and will buy it with please without fear.

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