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10 things you should do in your GrandNode to improve your SEO statistics

Created on:  01.03.2016

10 things you should do in your GrandNode to improve your SEO statistics

10 things you should do in your GrandNode to improve your SEO statistics

1) Your SEO settings in General Configuration 

This is a complex process whose activities affect your visibility on the web. Apart from the aspect that the GrandNode engine fully support each the most important SEO features, also gives you possibility to add meta tags, meta description which is very important in the case of recognizing your store in search engines.

2) Unique products descriptions

In recent world it’s hard to sell products that was never selling before. The only way to distinguish itself is the creation of unique and interesting descriptions of products. You do not think of yourself as a humanist? Are you afraid that your descriptions do not guarantee you enough sales? It is worth to invest in a copywriter to write such texts, which you would want to read.

3) Match keywords to your products

What are keywords, probably you already know that, but why it’s so important for your store? Basically they describe what potential customer can find in your site. So remember to use different keywords to each part of store.

4) Write content blog

You don’t have a company blog yet? It’s best time to change that. Share with people the latest information from the industry, post reviews of yours products, share with people tutorials on how to properly use your products.

For example you have online store with spices, maybe great idea to gain new customers is to write blog of recipes.

5) Use Analitycs

Ignoring Analitycs Tools is very expensive thing. Please imagine that  you are spending 1,000$ per month on social media campaigns, AdWords, but you didn’t improve your site statistics. In this case, it is very important to analyze it, at which point our new customers switching from further use of the store. Maybe our target group not use channel on which you are focusing your promotion actions.

Don’t forget to integrate your GrandNode with Google Analitycs Tool.

6) Focus on perfect products pictures


When customers go to store, until they buy some product, they must touch it, smell it. In the online store, the only way to interact with this product is to look at product picture. So it is very important to give customers images in the best quality, attractively presented, so that the customer can feel as close to a physical visit and watching this.

7) Optimize your design

Do not judge a book by its cover? Practically applies only in books. Always the first opinion we made after what seemed to us to do the appearance of shop, person, book. Sure, maybe your store have better prices, better performance, better quality, but if it looks unattractive you don’t have chance to convince that to your customer.

Online store is also the business card of your company. If you go to a meeting with your potential client,  you exchange business cards with him, you won’t give him a business card dirty or tattered, because basically at the start the customer will form his opinion about you.

Make sure that your shop is elegant, pleasing to the eye, adapted to the latest trends to always be one step ahead of the competition.

8) Connect nopCommerce with Social Media

Nowadays, according to anonymous statistics people spend 28% of their time on Social Media. It is very important to engage with your customers. Probably all of them have questions about your offer. People love talking about products they have used. Remember, the customers don’t need a seller, they care about advisor who will listen and understand their needs.

Also great idea to promote your products is give your customers possibility to share your products on social media.

The best way to start products promotion is direct promotion of your products, services. Is the simplest way to engage your potential customer in conversation with you.

9) Focus on few devices

Your shop has to be as friendly as possible to each user. In times of today’s fast life should not be to impose a potential client only way to purchase from your store. The process of ordering must be the most intuitive and adapted to any screen size. Many customers use the store on the tablet, mobile phone. When you won’t have a customized view for each resolution you will automatically lose in their eyes and most likely they will choose your competition store.

It is also worth mentioning that recently Google draws much more attention to the responsive site and online shops. And we know, not from today that if Google likes you, you will be known by everyone.

10) Speed up your site!

Search engines are built for users, not for you as the owner of the store. The more give of yourself to the user, the better reward you will get from, for example, Google. One of the criteria by which your shop is evaluated, is the display speed.

As you know, day is too short to do everything that you planned. Respect the time of your customers, give them the opportunity to make purchases as soon as possible.

Very interesting tool, with which you can control the display speed of the page is:


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