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A few words why you are losing customers

Created on:  07.11.2016

Why people leave your store without action?

1. Your design is outdated

There is nothing worse than an outdated look of the page. If your store is not responsive, you can forget about „queues” in your shop. The appearance of an online store is your calling card. As shops must take care about aesthetics and tidiness, same you. In online stores customer buy with eyes. If they come to place where is dirty, illegible, they won’t shopping there.

2. Difficult to read content

Talking about design it’s not only talking about nice images and graphics. It’s also text – type of font, size, line heights. If your text won’t be aesthetic, will be large, bolded in each line it will be very hard to read. Avoid it!

3. Navigation is unclear

Would you like to do shopping at the store where you don’t know where you should click? I don’t think so. Your store navigation should be logical, intuitive and for sure – easy to understand. You created a store, so for you everything is well known. But consider that for visitors it can be hard to do.

4. Uncommon registration requirements

Customers are wary. All processes in your store you need to facilitate. Creating an order should be intuitive, require inly the neccessary data. In every moment when you will require weird data from customers, you will raise suspicions.

5. Store is loading slowly

As the proverb says, time is a money. Nowadays, every customer is busy. When they decide to purchase online, their priority is to very quick and efficient purchase. If your store will load slowly, they will discourage and abandon shopping in your store. It’s certain.

6. Too many ads

The most commonly used browser plug-in is AdBlock. Have you ever wonder why this happens? Reason is very simple. For a very long time, owners of online stores, websites attacked visitors horrendous amount of ads. Imagine that half the time you spend on the website waste on closing popups, advertisements. Ideal solution is simple, elegant and unobtrusive. If you view information about discount or special offer in the form of affordable pop up, i guess nobody will blame you and it will be ok.

7. Automatically playback audio and video

Imagine that you are browsing online stores in the middle of the night near sleeping child. When you enter some random store suddenly music turn on at full volume. Child woke up, you were scared. What was the first thing you’ve done? Of course, you escaped from the store and you don’t come back to it again. Deciding on the audio effects in the store, no matter wherher it is music or movie give customer choice. Tell them that you have a cool video, cool audio, encourage them to run it, but never force it. It’s bad mistake.

8. Outdated content

Frequent updating of content on the store is very, very important. Seeing the content that is from the week before, you get the impression that the stor eis current. On the other hand, if you see that the last update was a year ago, what do you think about this store? Mainly you are wondering if the store even still exists.

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