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Abandoned Cart = Lost money

Created on:  16.05.2017

Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

Sometimes people are afraid after seeing order totals, product cost with shipping and payments additional fees. What is confirmed by research, the most common reason of abandoned carts is too high delivery costs. 

The most common reasons of abandoned carts (according to Baymard study):

  • Extra costs too high
  • The site wanted me to create an account
  • Too long/complicated checkout process
  • I couldn't see / calculate total order cost up-front
  • Website had errors / crashed
  • I didn't trust the site with my credit card information
  • Delivery was to slow
  • Return policy wasn't satisfactory
  • There weren't enough payment methods
  • The credit card was declined

Photo: Research of Baymard (checkout usability)

Is there a way to solve few of those reasons?

Sure. First of all, not every store can afford to a free shipping of every order. But for sure, purchases above a certain amount can be sent free and trust me, it can be profitable. It is worth to inform your customers about this fact, because it's very easy to increase a value of the shopping cart, just for possibility to save the amount spent on delivery. 

Reasons that are not related to price, for sure are related with bad UX. Checkout process must be as simple as possible. It must be easy, fast and clear. If something looks suspicious or badly designed it will scare away customers

What if customer will abandon his cart anyway?

It's something natural. There is no human on earth who would be able to please all people, create a tool, website that will be perfect for everyone. In this case, the solution will be NoSQL e-commerce CMS - GrandNode with Customer Reminders tools.

GrandNode provides you default schemes which can be succesfully used in your store. You can also create your own schemes, scenarios which will fit your store even more. 

Save abandoned carts

The process of saving abandoned carts is a part of marketing automation in your store. It means that the messages are sent automatically to your customers with specified and personalized time intervals. In GrandNode it comes down to entering few numbers. Content of reminders is editable. You should write and specify content which will be delivered to your customers. 

Example scenario of Abandoned Cart Reminder in GrandNode:

1. Customer adds product to shopping cart 

2. Customer abandons his cart

3. Marketing Automation in GrandNode sends reminder after 3 hours

4. Marketing Automation in GrandNode sends reminder after 3 days. 

5. Customer purchases product.

It's simple. The success and profitability depends only on whether or not your message convinced the user.

When I should send first reminder?

It depends. What we can propose? Exclusive, expensive products. Decision to purchase them will not fall immediately. So, when they left their shopping cart may want to think more about the purchase. Therefore, you should agree with me, sending a shopping cart reminder after a few hours does not make sense. In this case, it's important to send them after a longer period of time. 

It's completely different if you offer cheap products or you have a lot of competition. There is a big chance that a customer who has not made a purchase right away won't do it at all. In this case, we need to be fast. That's why sending a notification to customer after few hours makes sense.

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