Add Shamsi DateTime whit Extension Methods

31 maja 2020 00:03:41
  • Wysłany: 20 września 2019 15:41
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hi i wana create a plugin and inject Extension Methods and change all date time to persiandatetime
you can post a sample for do this or any docs thx
  • Wysłany: 23 września 2019 07:25
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Hi Reza,

Unfortunately our sample plugins don't change the date time, so I'm not able to help you with providing any sample.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
  • Wysłany: 23 września 2019 18:08
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thx Patryk
i can change all view code and convert any datetime to persion date time for show in view but its not perfect
you can say me another way for do it
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