How good is e learning feature

31 marca 2020 21:56:38
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Hello Team,

Looking for e learning platform that is similar to udemy,

How mature is your e learning platform on grand node, as its introduced only recently.

Does mobile app also has e learning feature ?

  • Wysłany: 5 marca 2020 09:32
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In our opinion it's very good feature, but it can be very subjective. In fact, the best way to check if it's good or not is to download the GrandNode and check this feature on your own. We've created a core feature, of course many times it may requires additional developer work, but I suppose for majority projects it will be enough. If some features are missing, leave your feedback here, we will try to improve it in the future with pleasure! Mobile app doesn't have it yet, but it can be developed on demand.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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