4.30 . Had a problem in google anayltics commerical configuration

31 marca 2020 20:51:49
  • Wysłany: 15 marca 2020 17:52
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i want to activate google anayltics commerical widget plugin in Grand node version 4.30
i already added configuration but still not working

i already added google analytics in main store configuration and it works well but we added commerical plugin it still not work

need help
  • Wysłany: 16 marca 2020 06:54
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First of all, after successfull configuration, you should enable e-commerce settings in Google Analytics settings. As presented on the screenshot below:

By the way, I would recommend to upgrade your store to the newest version of GrandNode. The 4.30 is not supported anymore.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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