Seller customer discount problem

27 października 2020 13:48:47
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My problem is that discounts on the total or subtotal of the order summary are not shown to customers with the seller role. I have already assigned the discount to the seller and tried to buy a product with the seller and the "Constitutional Customer" discount is not applied

  • Wysłany: 9 października 2020 06:00
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Hi Steven,

From the screenshots above, you will receive a discount (10%), applied to all products offered by the Mizuna vendor. Is it correct?

If it's the correct scenario, I've checked it on our demo, and everything worked as expected. I've added two products assigned to Vendor 1 and set your discount. Then I've checked its price, it was discounted.

if you want to get this kind of discount with a subtotal discounted, it won't be possible.
Best regards,

GrandNode Team
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